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April 2001 News
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4-H Mnthly

April 2001

Annual County Council Meeting:

The County Councilís annual meeting will be held Wednesday night, May 23, at 7:00PM. Special guest will be the new State 4-H director. ALL members are encouraged to show off your talents. Entertainment can include singing, dance routines, musical instruments, talks, demos, short skits, etc. Each act will be limited to 3 minutes maximum. Interested members see Doreen for an entry form. Each club is also asked to share information about what they are doing. Displays can include project information, community service activities, parties, special events, etc.

CAMP WAHOO! Jr. Counselors:

If you are 14 years old (or will be by August 6, 2001) you can be a Jr. Counselor at Camp Wahoo! Jr. counselors are responsible for working with a Counselor in leadership of a cabin. There will be a screening Day for Jr. Counselors on April 22, 2001.. Applicants must bring their applications to the screening day. Applications and more information are available from the county office (737-7775 ext. 3330) or from Doreen Ross 7.35-8711.


The County Record Book Committee will hold a training night on April 10, at 7:30PM at Olga Reed School. Each club is to send one or more representatives to be sure they understand the requirements for sending books on to for county awards. Members wishing to send their books to county should attend this meeting.

Leaders, Volunteers, Parents:

The California 4-H State Leaderís Forum is held in November each year at the beautiful Asilomar Conference grounds near Monterey. Registration forms are now available. All leaders, parents and volunteers may attend. For more information call the county 4-H office 737-7775 ext. 3330 or Doreen @ 735-8711.


The County council has appointed a committee to look into the feasibility of creating a Large Livestock Expo in Santa Barbara County 4-H. This programís objective is to educate and promote a more well rounded 4-H animal project member and encompasses "real world agriculture concepts". Included in such a program would be level achievement county awards based on competency of knowledge, feed and equipment identification, fitting and showmanship skills and specie evaluations. Study guides would be given to all clubs. Testing includes written tests, equipment ID, Fee ID, skills and class judging. Members do not have to own an animal to participate in this program. If you are interested in learning more about having a livestock Expo in S.B. County, call Kathy Thompson 878-7204 or the county office 737-7775 ext. 3330.

HORSING AROUND: by Sonja Janos

From October through March we  have done grooming and saddle.  The 2nd year members taught the "1st years" how to groom and saddle the horse. Ellie showed all "2nd years" how to make a bolin knot. Ellie also helped us pick out good hay and bad hay. We have all learned how to do our trail, showmanship and equitation, to help us get ready for Horsemastership & Nojoqui Exhibit Day. She had "2nd Years" teach the "1st years" how to use & put on a blanket. So this is what we learned over this year, and taught this year.

For Sale: 1970 ALJO 20-ft Trailer semi self-contained $800 obo. Also 2 Lambs $75 each. Call 736-7956


Tea Holt 4/01      Brittany Cox 4/20

Masson Blow 4/02      Justin Bunderson 4/23

Stephanie Domingos 4/06      Audrey Barrett 4/23

Ryan Nogle 4/07      Chris Larsen 4/29

Elise Bittle 4/14      Elissa Lewis 4/28

Valerie Gibbs  4/15      Lindsay Arevalos  4/29

Camille Hessler 4/18      Courtney Stumpo 4/26

Kirk Blocker - 4/18          Kate Sousa 4/29


YES! There is help in understanding your record books. I know that many new members have been worried about how to do a good record book. So that everyone who needs or wants help can attend at least one of the sessions, I have scheduled workshops on 4 different days of the week. ALL WORKSHOPS ARE OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS. At these workshops, we will fill out your PDR (Personal Development Report) with all the 4-H activities you have participated in this past year. Be sure to bring a pencil (with eraser) and a parent. If you have a "practice" PDR, please bring it or a couple sheets of lined paper with sections labeled C,D,EÖall the way to Z. All workshops will be held at the First Presbyterian Church (1600 E. Berkeley Dr.) at 7PM in the evening. The dates of the workshops are:


Wednesday, April 25


Friday, May 4


Tuesday May 8


Thursday May 10

Members who cannot attend one of the workshops may call me and I will work out a way to help you with your book. You must turn in a Record to be eligible to exhibit at the County Fair. The last day to record entries in your record book is May 25. Record Books will be due NO LATER THAN 7:00PM Monday, May 28th. Late books will not be accepted. For more info, call Doreen @ 735-8711 or e-mail