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Project Definition
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Learn by doing in an atmosphere where learning is fun is a basic philosophy of 4-H. The project is where learn-by-doing takes place. Within the project, members find things to learn, to do, to make, and to explore. A 4-H project is:

bulletPlanned work in area of interest to the 4-H member.
bulletGuided by a 4-H adult volunteer who is the project leader.
bulletAimed at planned objectives that can be attained and measured.
bulletSummarized by some form of record keeping.

Each year, a 4-H member enrolls in at least one project. Members enrolling for the first time should be encouraged to take on only one project. As members gain experience, the size of the project may be increased or additional projects may be selected. With their project leader and parents/guardians as consultants, members should select a project that will be a challenge but not one that is larger than they can handle. Any project a 4-H member selects should be based on:

Interests, needs, and time available.

Family situation.

Suitability to area of residence.

Availability of necessary tools and equipment.

A list of the 4-H projects can be found on the back of the publication, 4-H Memberís Guide (4-H-1052). Contact the one of the Lompoc Valley Community Leaders to see which projects are currently being offered the Lompoc Valley 4H. The availability of a project depends upon whether an adult volunteer is available to lead it.

A 4-H project is supervised by the project leader with the help of parents/guardians, but is the 4-H member who must do the work. Some projects (raising plants and animals) involve the production of items for sale. Where this is the case, a written agreement should be established between the 4-H member and his or her parents/guardians.

Some project groups meet once a week. Others meet once or twice a month. The purpose of these meetings is to guide the members in gaining knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits needed to complete their work successfully.

Project manuals and guides, reports, and record forms are available to 4-H members for most projects. The volunteer who leads the project will obtain these for 4-H members. 4-H record forms help the members keep track of what they do in their project work.