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You Can Help
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As a Parent/guardian, you can support the 4-H program in many ways. You can:

Provide finanicial support for your child’s project work.

Provide transportation.

Help your child secure needed materials or equipment.

Support and guide the project work of your child.

Offer assistance to the project group and to the 4-H program.

You are vital in helping your child to get the most out of 4-H. Please take an interest in 4-H projects and events and encourage your child to participate. If your child is taking part in an event, come and watch and visit with others. Interest and participation makes 4-H strong.

Whenever possible, attend local 4-H meetings. As a parent/guardian of a 4-H’er, you will have much in common with other parents/guardians. Keep in touch with project and organizational leaders, or become a leader or an assistant leader. If you want to help, ask the organizational leader what you can do. He or she will appreciate any assistance or support you can give.