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There is a minimal statewide program fee that is associated with membership for youth and adult volunteers. Lompoc Valley 4H Club also offers scholarships to those families that can not afford the membership fee. Contact one of the Clubs community leaders if you need a scholarship for the membership fee. Money may also be collected from members to cover the costs of project materials and 4-H events. The club raises money in various ways , but 4-H policy forbids gambling, wagering, or raffles of any kind.


A uniform cannot be required for membership in 4-H. While caps and scarves and uniform items are available, they are never a requirement for membership. Some livestock shows and local fairs do require 4-H’ers to wear uniforms when exhibiting animals. When this is the case, check with your project leader or community leader for the requirements.


4-H accident and illness insurance is mandatory cost to your child. The Organizational leader in your club can tell you about this insurance and can give you a leaflet that explains how much the insurance costs and what medical costs it covers during any 4-H work or while traveling to or from official 4-H meetings and events.

Liability insurance is a concern for all of us today. If you provide transportation or supervision for 4-H members other than your own child, you should enroll as a leader 4-H leader. As a 4-H leader, you are an agent of the University of California. The University of California maintains self-insurance programs for general and automobile liability that protect all employees and agents of the University while acting within the course and scope of University business.

Note: 4-H leaders are University agents when actively engaged in 4-H business and, in the event of accidental damage to another’s property, or accidental injury to another person during conduct of this business, or as a result of negligence on the part of an agent, they are protected by the University’s General Liability Self-Insurance Program. This insurance program does not provide coverage for the independent activities unrelated to duties as a 4-H volunteer leader, such as defects that exist in or on your premises, or liability that results from acts of project or personal animals that cause injury. Personal property may include homes, arenas, and farms of 4-H volunteer leaders or program staff. Those persons who utilize personal property during the course of 4-H activities should check with their insurance carrier and review their liability coverage. Check with your county Cooperative Extension office for further details on insurance coverages and for a copy of Risk, a special brochure explaining insurance for UCCE formal volunteers.